2018 Finger Turkeys Review

Dear Class, You have provided me with much joy with your finger turkeys. Here are my thoughts on some of them.

Photo Nov 27, 3 56 35 AM.jpg

I like the color choice on this turkey. It creates a festive and inviting atmosphere. The addition of the wing on the side is nice touch.

Photo Nov 27, 3 56 40 AM.jpg

A more abstract representation is achieved through the use of the color red. Do they really say gobble gobble?

Photo Nov 27, 3 56 57 AM.jpg

A more basic finger turkey. The math bleeding through from the opposite side of this paper creates an interesting effect.

One of few turkeys wearing a pilgrim hat. It made me curious as to the cultural origins of why finger turkeys are drawn to be wearing one.

Photo Nov 27, 3 57 17 AM.jpg

A pretty basic finger turkey. The use of crude pencil shading is interesting. Not many students did this.

Photo Nov 27, 3 57 27 AM.jpg

The one of only two finger turkeys with realistic feathers. Ironically, also has realistic finger nails. Creates a grotesque effect.

Pretty basic.

A minimalist approach. Surface details are eschewed to create an iconic effect.

What is a GOAT?

A blank space represents the sadness left behind when a turkey leaves this world.

Photo Nov 27, 3 58 41 AM.jpg

Not a finger turkey, because the artist did not actually trace his/her hand. A rebellious approach.

Photo Nov 27, 3 59 09 AM.jpg

Also not a real finger turkey, except this one is saying “I’m a finger turkey.” Also, “this is not a sentence.'“

Photo Nov 27, 3 59 03 AM.jpg

One of the more realistic looking turkeys. It looks really fat.

Photo Nov 27, 3 59 39 AM.jpg

A third in a serious of fake finger turkeys. This one is also wearing a pilgrim hat.

The artist used different shading patterns in each finger, creating a ruffled look to the feathers.

Another one of the few turkeys wearing pilgrim hats.

First in a series of math-themed turkeys. This one has math symbols tattooed on it. For some reason.

The choice to outline, rather than fill-in, the turkey with color was highly effective here.

I really love the colors here.

Photo Nov 27, 4 00 17 AM.jpg

A second in a series of math-themed turkeys. Except what it’s saying doesn’t make any sense. Turkeys wouldn’t know logic.

A third in a series of math turkeys. But why Euler?

Photo Nov 27, 4 00 26 AM.jpg

Beautiful paint work here.